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Blue Laws
- 21 Aug 2016, Pastor: Walt McCanless


If you are discovering us for the first time, here is a good place to start with basic information about our church. Worship times, location, contact information, it's all here.
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Though our sanctuary has seen many changes over its 250 years, every Sunday it’s home to a celebration of Christ through thoughtful sermons, joyous music, and abiding fellowship.
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From Bible study-based classes and Christian living electives for adults, to our unique ministries for youth and children, PPC offers a wide range of meaningful programs to galvanize your faith.
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Walt McCanless
Senior Pastor

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Lal Rodawla
Associate Pastor

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Joanna Hipp
Associate Pastor

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1767 to 2017 – Providence Presbyterian Church Celebrates 250 years next year! We are in the midst of our year-long celebration and invite you to read the weekly “Craighead Chronicles” and remember to fill out a leaf for the “Tree of Service, Leaves of Love” located in the sanctuary narthex and don’t miss a second Sunday which will always include an “Historic Remembrance!” May God’s work continue to move in, around and through this Providence community and out into the world.

  • We invite you to please join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am and 11:15 am.
  • Providence provides Sunday school for all ages from 10:15 am to 11:00 am each Sunday. Please join us on Sundays for our second summer series, this one on Colossians. This class will meet in the Fellowship Hall.
  • Be sure to be in worship on  August 21 for our monthly “historic reminiscence” which will presented by Barbara Bissell. This is a monthly snippet of history told by our church members as part of the 250th Anniversary Celebration.
  • Monday, August 22, a group meeting of those planning on participating in the 2017 Chimbote mission trip will meet at the Peruvian restaurant Machu Picchu in Pineville.
  • Sunday, August 28, both worship services will be lead by our YOUTH GROUP. Be sure to attend!
  • Sunday, August 28, at 12:30 mandatory Sunday School Teacher training will take place in the CLC. If you are a child or youth SS teacher, you must attend.

(Walt McCanless)

Thank you for birds in the trees,
with listening ears I pass under these
delighting in the music of the spheres
as it echoes in birdsongs clear.

For black squirrels, hawks and deer,
Cardinals, finches golden, and ducks queer,
An open window, cool breeze, a cold beer,
the almost tangible sense of your presence near.

a book to read, a letter to write
even the ad-man’s ridiculous hype,
good to have something to berate
better than regretting something I ate.

Speaking of food, you’ve not been stingy,
barbecue, slaw, burgers and kimchi,
Korean, Italian, Mexican – nice and hot
and just about anything cooked in a wok.

It’s all so splendiferous and over the top
such abundant fruitfulness, please don’t stop,
Help us figure out how all can receive,
from your bounteous blessing all they need.