7th Sunday of Easter

Acts 16:16-34; Psalm 97; Revelation 22:12-14, 16-17, 20-21; John 17:20-26

This was Senior Sermon Sunday and the recording includes a sermon titled “That’s Not Fair” by Abbie Mace and a sermon titled “The Inevitable Change” by Emily Whitehead.

This was also Mother’s Day
The following is by Pastor Walt McCanless

Mother’s Day, 2016 Mothers are people too….
more than the roles they play,
but my how many roles they are asked to play:

Alarm clock with five minute snooze function that rings with ever increasing volume,
“Time to get up!” “ Time To Get Up!” “TIME TO GET UP!”

Washer, dryer and closet organizer; mix and match specialist; fashion critic.

Breakfast cook, waitress, dishwasher.

Administrative assistant repeatedly checking, “do you have your homework? Pencil? Paper? Notes for that test today? Lunch? And don’t forget your soccer bag, you’ve got practice right after school.”

Personal uber driver on call 24-7.

A personal ATM machine.

Too personal a prosecuting attorney, when someone comes home late. But the best defense lawyer in town when her child is suspended for a prank someone else played.

At home she presides over the dust bunnies, spills and carpet stains;
the toys flung about and beds unmade.
At work she presides over a staff of 70 and a budget of 20 million,
and when the receptionist is out with a sick child she’s the first to call
with words of care.

Audience, cheerleader, number one fan bringing half-time refreshments for the whole team;
baking brownies for the band boosters, painting sets for the play;
long haul driver for tournament weekends away.

Some roles are temporary: diaper changer, sleep rocker, serenader and midnight milk truck.
Others are more permanent: Emergency first responder, counselor, worrier, pray-er, and guest services provider – she always leaves the light on for you.

Mothers are people too. The best people of all.

“All you need is love….” playing in background Mom’s need it too, I suppose, after all the love they give, why not a rose, lovely in its beauty, like hers, such vibrant hues.

A mother’s love is, a mother’s love. To what might it be compared? The beauty of a perfect rose, those deep, rich hues shining forth, reminds of that deep, rich love, that colors a child’s life.