“It’s Just Not Fishing If You Don’t Get Wet”

Posted on 10 Apr 2016, Pastor: Walt McCanless

Third Sunday of Easter

Acts 9:1-6 (7-20); Psalm 30; Revelation 5:11-14; John 21:1-19

Prayers of the People by Tandy Graham

Our Father God, we gather here again in your grace, privileged to worship in the stark simplicity of this sacred space.  Thank you for this place that has sheltered Your people since before our country’s Civil War, a place where we can find peace from the incivility of the war of words that is going on in our political discourse these days.  It seems to bombard us from all sides.  Thank you for this hour of peaceful introspection where the messages we receive from the great I AM drown out the messages we receive from the great iPhones that sometimes tempt us even during worship.

Our hearts and prayers dwell on those who are sick or in pain, who fear the future.  We pray for their healing; we pray for their doctors’ skills to discern the symptoms and answer their anxious questions.  They have been granted the ability to prescribe the proper medications or perform the exacting surgeries that will cure our friends. We pray for the caregivers that they would have the patience and strength necessary to carry on day after day, to know that You are there with them as their Caregiver, never wavering in the patience and strength they need and You always provide.

Many of us miss the loved ones we have recently lost.  Many of us still miss the loved ones who went to you long ago. The pain lingers on and on for some.  Grant them the peace of understanding and acceptance knowing that their loved ones are with You and our Christ Jesus and resurrected to Your Presence for a life eternal.

Thank you for the joys of our children.  They teach us the true meaning of the phrase “Patience is a virtue.” You loan them to us, expect us to teach them and love them, and then they leave us and all we can do is pray that we loved them enough and taught them enough of the right things so that they know, no matter what, that they are always welcome back into our hearts, in fact that they never left.

Thank you for the joy of your Child, your son Jesus Christ.  Thank you for what he taught us and for his love, for His and Your patience with us, so that we also know that we are always in your heart, no matter what, always welcome back.