Susan Patterson

The mission of the Cemetery Committee is to oversee and coordinate the use and upkeep of the cemetery, including the slave cemetery, in order to preserve and protect its spiritual and historical dignity and purpose.

Brooks Herman & Courtney Ritchie

The mission of the Child Care Committee shall be to provide for and oversee care for infant children during Sunday School, regular and special worship services, and special events.

Child Development
Cindy Llewellyn

Child Development Committee shall oversee the operation of the Weekday Preschool as described in the “Providence Presbyterian Church and Providence Presbyterian Preschool Covenant.”

Christian Education
Marsha Garver

The mission of the Christian Education Committee shall be to provide and oversee all religious educational programs and opportunities made available to members and non-members at the church in close association with and guidance from the ordained pastoral staff.

Community Outreach
Tamera Green

The mission of the Community Outreach Committee is to initiate, coordinate, support and monitor the church’s ministries to the greater community.

Rolly Chambers
Facility Usage
Brenda Rorie

The Facility Usage Committee is a sub-committee of The Property Committee. The mission of the Facility Usage Committee is to oversee and plan for activities and ministries on the grounds and in the facilities of the church campus. The Facility Usage Application may be found HERE.

Kathie Gazda

The Fellowship Committee helps coordinate social functions at the church. The committee is responsible for various celebrations throughout the year such as Homecoming and the Christmas Brunch. We also coordinate with other committees anytime there is a need for preparing and serving food. This committee welcomes all who are interested in meeting with and serving others through fellowship.

Bill Baum

The Finance Committee has the responsibilities of accounting for and disbursing all funds contributed to our Church.  It reviews the Church’s insurance program, proposes an annual budget, and keeps the congregation aware of the general financial needs of the Church.  The committee needs people with skills in financial matters who are interested in the Church’s finances.

Green Team
Linda Miller

The Green Team/Creation Care Committee’s mission is to find ways for PPC to mindfully care for God’s creation and implement those actions.  The Green Team cooperates with others in all areas of church life—worship, education, facilities, and outreach—to promote stewardship of the Earth.
This committee’s effort has earned Providence the PCUSA Earth Care Certification.

Growth & Vision
Courtney Ritchie

The mission of the Growth and Vision committee is to help the church define and create ways for our individual members, congregation, and community to grow in Christian discipleship.  Areas of focus include increasing public visibility, welcoming visitors, engaging all members, and nurturing deeper discipleship.

Historic Preservation
Leigh Myers

The Historic Preservation Committee has the responsibility of making sure that artifacts, structures and records of the Church are preserved and protected.  This includes seeing that old items and records, as well as current items and records, are kept safely for posterity.  We also aim to promote appreciation for our rich heritage.

Long Range Planning
Tom Kutz

The mission of the Long Range Planning Committee is to lead the Session in developing plans and defining goals for the use of church property to meet the future needs and ministries of the church; present recommendations for achieving those goals to the Session and congregation; and assist the Session in monitoring progress toward meeting such defined goals.

Jeff Jones

The New Member Committee gives special attention to our visitors and newest members.  It educates prospective members about our Church, and sponsors two parties a year in someone’s home for adult new members.  This committee needs volunteers who are interested in making new friends and who can help people make acquaintances with one another.

Rolly Chambers & Adèle Daniels

The mission of the Music Committee is to ensure that music remains a vital element of prayerful congregational worship. The committee oversees the music program of the church; supports, encourages and guides the music staff; develops and encourages the congregation to participate in the music program; and provides for maintenance of the musical instruments, sheet music, and other music-related property of the church.

Rebecca Kurtz

The Personnel Committee oversees the recruiting and hiring of employees, maintains policies regarding non-ordained employees, conducts performance reviews and supports and encourages the Church staff in the performance of their duties.  This committee needs people with experience in personnel administration.

Willie Rea, Phyllis Edwards, Brenda Rorie

The Property Committee maintains the buildings, equipment, and grounds of the Church and manse.  It supervises the housekeeping staff, oversees use of the facilities and Church van.  This committee has a place for volunteers with do-it-yourself skills and an interest in maintenance of facilities and equipment.

Stephen Ministry
Jane Bauer & Jay Witherspoon

Stephen Ministers are lay congregation members trained to provide one-to-one care to those experiencing a difficult time in life, such as grief, divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness, or relocation

Christy Smith

The Stewardship Committee coordinates our commitment of time, talents, health, relationships, property, and money in service to God through Christ.  The committee informs us of regular and special opportunities for charitable giving and encourages a year round program of stewardship.  The committee needs volunteers who like working with people and are interested in helping themselves and other people commit their gifts to God’s service.

Nancy Baum

The Worship Committee is responsible for the “behind the scenes” arrangements for worship services at our church, including acolytes, flowers, the Children’s Moment, setting up for communion services, arranging for special worship services, and decorating for Advent and Christmas.  The committee needs volunteers who would enjoy assisting with these efforts to enhance our corporate worship experiences.

Youth Ministry
Youth Council/Emily Hall