Growing through faith in Christ since 1767


Borne from the influx of Ulster Scots to the American “promised land” in the 1700s who were shaped by the “new frontier” as they migrated South, and later forged by participation in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, our church has a history we’re extremely proud of. With such deep roots within Mecklenburg County, it’s no surprise that one of the Queen City’s main thoroughfares—Providence Road—takes its name from our humble church, while other streets and avenues are named for local luminaries who were part of our PPC congregation over the past two and a half centuries. “Providence” expresses the founders’ firm trust in the faithfulness of God to work all things for His purpose, which is a bedrock tenant of our Presbyterian faith. In fact, one of our church’s most treasured keepsakes is a metal plaque from an older congregation in Pennsylvania that reads “Providence 1730,” which was brought here by an early group of these Presbyterian settlers. One of the original seven colonial Presbyterian churches in the county, PPC served as the center of the Providence Community. Though that community has grown exponentially over the years as Charlotte has become more and more populated, the same could also be said of the church today: it still sits at the center of many of our community member’s lives.

Starting with our first minister Rev. William Richardson 1767, to today’s Senior Pastor Walt McCanless, our church has had its fair share of servants who worked to grow our congregation from one generation to the next— through times of want and times of wealth. We welcome members and visitors alike to share in worship and connect to God’s people and purpose. A wonderful side benefit of visiting us is the opportunity to stroll a property rich in history. There is our first “pulpit,” also known as Preaching Rock; the nearby spring that first drew worshipers to this spot and provided water for baptisms, as well as drinking for people and their horses; our venerable graveyard; and our simple wooden sanctuary built in 1858. History is something we hold onto at PPC as we actively build into the 21st century.


The Providence Presbyterian Church 1767-1967 History Book is available for review at our library. These books are available for purchase in the church office for $15.