2020 Annual Stewardship Offerings

Each year we return to God a portion of our annual income, often referred to as a tithe.  These contributions are what fund the ongoing operations of our Church including pastoral and staff salaries, benevolences, utility charges, cleaning, office supplies, etc.

One-time Special Offerings

Unique opportunities present themselves from time to time to give to specific causes of the church.  These offerings may be designated to a specific use or undesignated for the church to use in the most advantageous way.  Examples include Deacons Fund, Building Fund, Flower Fund, Cemetery Fund, or a Memorial Gift.

250th Celebration of Giving

Our gratitude for God’s presence in and work through this church and its people calls for a special celebration to mark our 250th anniversary. Our Celebration of Giving is a special expression of gratitude for 250 years of God’s providential care for this church and for God’s people and for God’s world. Our goal is for everyone of us to take part in celebrating all that our congregation has received.

It is felt this giving opportunity should be from the assets that God has bestowed upon us rather than a portion of our annual income that is intended to be directed to the ongoing operation and benevolent actions of our annual stewardship campaign.

After selecting the button above, you will be taken to the PPC giving site. You will need to select one of the categories of giving noted on the left.