If you want to know how a hand up works, Tanya’s story is a great place to start. Tanya came to Providence in November of 2013 as part of the program to provide a place to sleep to those for whom the Salvation Army Center of Hope (SACOH)  had no room.  She became homeless after being laid-off from her job as a loan payment service rep, but while she was staying at our church she was notified that she would be re-hired in December.  After Tanya’s stay at Providence ended, her contact with us did not.  The newest addition to the SACOH program at Providence was the “lifeline,” created to give these ladies someone they could call for help if needed.  When Tanya was notified that she had an opportunity to move into a three bedroom rental home through the SACOH “Rapid Re-Housing Program,” decisions had to be made quickly and with the help of  Tanya’s “lifeline” they were.  “It’s a miracle due to God’s work the way this all came together so quickly. Once needs were determined, she was in her new, fully furnished home in less than 48 hours.”  Tanya’s determination made the difference; her beautiful smile tells the story.

If you are interested in becoming a “lifeline” in the future for our SACOH ladies, please contact Jill Maxwell.