PPC Alternate Christmas Giving

Tired of giving a friend or loved one a present that is destined for re-gifting? Don’t know what to get someone who claims to have everything and never makes a gift list? How about giving a meaningful gift that benefits a needy cause? This December the Outreach Committee is offering an alternate Christmas Giving opportunity. Let this be the year you and your family start a tradition of giving and receiving gifts that help those in need. It’s easy and makes a big impact.

You can make a donation to one of the three missions we’ve selected: Heifer International, Humane Society of Charlotte, or The Providence Presbyterian Deacon’s Fund. We’ll send a beautiful card to whomever you designate telling them that a gift has been given by you in their honor to the mission you’ve chosen. Your friend or loved one will be thrilled that they are helping change the world, and you can dispense with the worry and effort to finding that special gift. It’s a win-win-win!

Heifer International
Christmas gifts to Heifer International help feed families across the world and pull themselves out of crushing poverty forever. Your gifts provide families with animals that will transform struggling parents into successful business owners, enabling them to earn a steady income, give their families nutritious food, and send their children to school so they can have the bright future they deserve. Heifer is committed to long-term help and training, so farmers can provide for their families every day, in good times and bad. For more information visit http://www.heifer.org

Humane Society of Charlotte
The Humane Society of Charlotte (HSC) believes in working to improve our community by creating new, loving families, and building a world where there are no more homeless and unwanted animals. HSC follows a no-kill philosophy, which is based on saving all animals that come to them. Their live release rate is 99.9% for the animals that come into their care. For more information visit http://www.humanesocietyofcharlotte.org

The PPC Deacon’s Fund
The Deacon’s Fund helps members of our community and church family as a last resort when they have explored all other possible resources for help. It is a one-time help during a time of crisis to the truly needy. Examples include helping with a shortfall on rent to escape eviction, supplement a person’s electric or heating costs to prevent cutoff, and providing emergency food or other necessities. Various social service agencies in our community refer candidates to PPC and members of our Diaconate approve donations. This fund is solely supported through the generous gifts of our Congregation.

DEADLINE FOR GIVING: Tuesday, December 13.