November 15, 2020 (update)

  • At this time, 25 persons may gather in the Christian Life Center (CLC) and 12 persons may gather in the Fellowship Hall. Social distancing/Hand-washing/Face-coverings, please.
  • Our Sunday morning worship has been amended due to the increase of COVID-19 positive cases and hospitalizations in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. We currently offer virtual Sunday worship at 9:00 am for all to watch at that time or on-demand later. Visit our YouTube channel to watch. An in-person, short devotional service is offered at 9:00 am on Sundays for not greater than 50 persons. Sign-up to attend. Those who may be considered ‘high-risk’ are encouraged to attend virtual worship as an alternative.
  • On the PPC campus, we strongly encourage the use of face-coverings, hand washing and social distancing. We offer hand-sanitizer stations in each of our buildings.

To read the PPC COVID-19 Taskforce Report (6/28/20) click HERE.

To read the PPC COVID-19 Mitigation Measures (6/28/20) for all groups, click HERE.

To read the PPC COVID-19 Supplemental Report (7/19/20) click HERE.

Please note: group leaders are encouraged to maintain a confidential list of attendees who are present for each meeting. The leader will keep these records for 30-days following a meeting, then discard/shred. Organizations who use the PPC facilities, please note the renewal of applications for the 2020-21 year is active now. Click HERE for the application.

To schedule a PPC-ministry area small group meeting indoors (CLC GYM) or outdoors. Please fill out a PPC COVID-19 Calendar Request Form (8/6/20) HERE.


Below is a recent message from The Session of Providence Presbyterian Church

(July 30, 2020)

Dear Congregation of Providence Presbyterian,
With regard to regathering in-person for Worship, opening Preschool and other activities at PPC, the Session recently has taken the following steps:
Session Meeting on June 28 – The Session approved for Small Groups (25 people or less) to begin to gather on the PPC campus outdoors or in the CLC gym as long as the mitigation measures are followed (see full report from Regathering Task Force that was approved by Session on this day and includes Small Group Mitigation Measures) 
Session Meeting on July 19 – The Session approved for in-person Worship services to begin again as long as specific mitigation measures are adhered to. Session asked that the pastors, Deacons, Worship Committee and Usage/Property Committees evaluate options for regathering for Worship and bring those back for the Session’s review. Additionally, the Session approved for the Preschool to move forward with plans to open in the fall with specific guidelines as outlined in the mitigation measures approved by Session at this meeting. 
Additionally, all meeting leaders should coordinate scheduling with the Church Office and leaders should keep records of attendees to assist with contact tracing efforts if requested by public health officials. Contact tracing may be conducted by trained public health representatives to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The CDC explains that contact tracing is “a core disease control measure that has been employed by public health agency personnel for decades.” It’s a technique to help break the chain of transmission “for tuberculosis, sexually transmitted infections, HIV, and other infectious diseases” such as COVID-19. Contact tracing is a benevolently intended process and useful as an infectious disease mitigation measure. The CDC publication has a section entitled “Confidentiality and Consent,” so privacy concerns are noted by the public health folks and will be managed accordingly by our Church.  Please reference the CDC publication about contact tracing that provides an informative overview of why this is so important – “HEALTH DEPARTMENTS: Interim Guidance on Developing a COVID-19 Case Investigation & Contact Tracing Plan” for further information.



Below is a message from The Session of Providence Presbyterian Church (June 29, 2020):

Dear Providence Presbyterian Congregation,

The Regathering Task Force has researched, met, and put a great deal of thought and work into the attached interim report.  The Session of Providence has received this report with gratitude for their efforts and would like to pass the full report on to you.  Please note that the congregational survey is included in the report in Appendix B.

The Task Force has proposed COVID-19 mitigation measures based on guidance from public health authorities allowing a way for small groups to gather both outside and inside in a safe manner.  They do not as yet propose that we begin gathering in person for Worship.  The Session considered and approved these proposals.  However, the Session encouraged the Task Force to continue to explore ideas, options, and the logistics involved for the Providence family to begin in-person Worship services safely.  They will report to the Session monthly on their findings, including any new information from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services related to this matter.  

We recognize that when we are able to regather indoors for Worship, we will be doing so in the Christian Life Center out of mitigation and distancing concerns.  This may be our Worship venue for quite some time.  Consequently, the Session will ask our Worship, Music, Property, and Growth and Vision Committees to examine and recommend improvements (sound proofing, for example), additionally Session asks that these groups explore upgrades to our technology for audio and video presentations, and any other improvements that will enable us to better facilitate in-person and online Worship services, small group gatherings, as well as other on-campus gatherings.  Session will also ask the Worship Committee to explore ideas that follow the measures set forth by the Task Force. 

Lastly, the Regathering Task Force is developing proposed COVID-19 mitigation measures for the Providence Presbyterian Preschool. The focus is on safety concerns for the children and families we serve, as well as the staff. They will also address whether to gather in-person and if so, how recommended mitigation measures will be executed and managed at the Preschool. 

There is still much work to be done, but it would not be possible had not the Regathering Task Force worked so hard to bring us this far.  A huge thank you is in order, and a lot of prayers for safe and speedy regathering are requested.  

Grace and peace,
The Session of Providence Presbyterian Church


A Video Message from Walt McCanless (May 22, 2020)