Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a roadway in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

~Isaiah 43:19~

Dear Congregation of Providence Presbyterian Church,

Wilderness is not the usual setting for a roadway. Rarer still is any river, let alone more than one, flowing in the desert. But making this sort of thing happen is what God is up to, all the time. Newness springs forth as the Spirit of the living God changes the landscape from barren to fruitful.

For 255 years, Providence Presbyterian Church has been like a roadway, offering opportunities for thousands of faith journeys, and like a river, quenching the thirst of so many who are looking for deeper meaning and purpose in relation to God, one another, and the world beyond PPC. This is a heritage PPC is accustomed to sustaining from year to year, which has resulted in a fair amount incremental change throughout PPC’s history.

Yet there are certain times that call for the kind of significant change that not only builds on PPC’s heritage, but radically expands it into new territory altogether. Such is the case as PPC prepares to welcome a new Senior Pastor sometime in 2023.

For the 2023 Stewardship Campaign, the Stewardship Committee invites you to Be the Change as together we Share God’s Gifts for a New Tomorrow. In preparation for entering a New Tomorrow with the arrival of a new Senior Pastor, let us Be the Change by increasing our financial commitment not only to nurture familiar PPC ministries, but also to make it possible for fresh approaches to take root and grow.

More than raising money, your pledge supports ministries and staff that provide dynamic and moving worship, amazing Christian education for all ages, devoted congregational care, and ready fellowship. Your pledge also strengthens PPC’s resolve to reach out beyond our congregation to compassionately serve others near and far.

This year the Stewardship Committee is going to start the Campaign with a budget that we can pledge toward. It is an aspirational budget in the sense that the Finance Committee has developed it based upon what the various PPC committees have identified increases in funding that in turn will increase the capacity of the faithful ministries these committees carry out. It also aspirational in the way that it reflects a renewed vitality in the life of PPC as more and more people are returning to church with the waning of the pandemic.

As we have already started a strong and wonderful program year, let’s channel this energy through generous giving that makes way for a New Tomorrow at PPC.

The Rev. Fred Lyon, Pastor
The Rev. Lal Rodawla, Associate Pastor
Christy Smith, Chair, Stewardship Committee

Drew Burton, Kathy Dannels, Beverly Howard, Bret Myers, Dave Ott
Members of the Stewardship Committee

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