Abundantly Blessed to Share Abundantly


November 2021
Greetings Providence Congregation and Friends,

2021 has been another year of challenges for Providence Presbyterian Church.  And yet our stewardship theme this year is Abundantly Blessed to Share Abundantly. We have been abundantly blessed even in the seemingly endless pandemic.  Your financial gifts have allowed PPC to support missions near and far, keep the lights on for congregational activities as well as many community groups who depend on our “ministry of space”, take giant leaps with technology to enhance and stream our worship services, to fondly send Walt off into a well earned retirement and embrace change as Fred leads us through our transition time.  We have been abundantly blessed in deed and have much to be thankful for.

We hope that by this time next year the word pandemic will be deleted from our vocabulary. We long for normalcy, to worship in our historic sanctuary, to see children return to Sunday School, to freely embrace each other.  Providence after all is a hugging congregation—but, that is largely out of our control.  What is in our control is how we respond this coming year to the challenges and
blessings God will send us.

With your financial support we will be able to continue the work being done even as we work to discern God’s future plans for us.  But it will take more than financial support.  As we consider how to “share abundantly “ with our financial pledge, it is important to also pledge our time and talent in support of our ministries at Providence. Consider joining a committee, study group or helping out as needed.

There is a pledge card included in this narrative budget.  You may drop it off at the office, leave it in the collection plate, e-mail or phone our Financial Secretary, Roy Phillips, at roy@ppc1767.org or 704 846-1079, ext. 13. Easiest of all, pledges can now be securely made here our website PPC1767.org.  Click here and follow the prompts.  You will receive an email confirming your pledge has been received.

Friends, with open and generous hearts let’s return a portion of the lavish gifts God has given us for we are indeed abundantly blessed to share abundantly.

The Stewardship Committee
Wade Davis, Beverly Howard, Fred Lyon, Dave Ott, Christy Smith