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The Congregational Care Committee is a very important committee in the life and ministry of PPC. It involves showing compassion in the form of providing food and/or a loving space to gather with family and friends at a time of need, sorrow and stress. We all understand how significant this ministry of caring can be.

One of the primary goals of this committee is to provide a warm, safe and loving space for family and friends to gather following the funeral/celebration of life services of a loved one. The CCC does so by preparing the space and coordinating food and drink for the reception that follows church services. The reception is generally held in the Fellowship Hall.

Another committee responsibility is to organize the providing of meals, when needed, to a church member or family who may not have the support of a Circle group or Sunday school class. This might involve phone calls, coordinating with the family and/or the church office and setting up a meal scheduling system on the website Take Them A Meal, (

Currently this is a deaconate committee, not a standing committee. The chair of the committee works with other deacon members from each of the current classes. It is very important for the committee’s continuity to always have members from each deacon class.