The Session is the governing body in a church. It is made up of elected ‘elders’ and the pastor who serves as moderator. They seek to provide for the mission and ministry of Providence through a variety of programs, learning experiences, small groups, worship, fellowship activities and learning opportunities for people of all ages. Through prayer, study and reliance upon God’s Word and Spirit, the Session works diligently to equip members for their work of ministry in the world and to build up the church in the love of Christ.

Session Class of 2023

Christy Smith
Kathy Dannels
Beverly Howard, Clerk
Daisy Risser
Deb Ridgeway
Alan Sumrel
Davis Rommich, Youth

Session Class of 2024

Laura Grayson
Wenona Van Winkle
Kathie Gazda
Marsha Garver
Nathan Gilbert
Bob Edwards

Session Class of 2025

Frances Hill
Cathy Lawler
Beline McBride
Jay Witherspoon