250th Celebration of Giving Campaign

250Logowithtagline-withoutlineDuring the coming year, we will seek to raise a special 250th anniversary fund of $250,000 over and above our annual budget commitment.

We believe together we will find creative new ways to share our skills, time, and wealth in a special celebration of what God has done for us.

The funds raised by the campaign will benefit our sanctuary project as well as our selected service/outreach projects.

Sanctuary Preservation Project

This portion of the Celebration of Giving fund raising will be dedicated for sanctuary renovations and improvements and will consist of several needed projects.  The “simple wooden sanctuary, built in 1858” is showing wear and tear from everyday use, and also, due to its age and the way it was built.  The sanctuary is exhibiting some structural fatigue of the foundation that must be addressed for continued use. Our goal is to raise at least $250,000, of which $125,000 will be dedicated to the sanctuary renovations.

Service & Outreach Projects

The other half of fundraising will extend Providence’s history of service and outreach to our local community and to people in other nations.

The Steering Committee for the 250th Anniversary Celebration and the Session whole heartily approved initiating fundraising and encouraging members to give of their time to help the recommended organizations meet the needs of some of the least of these as part of our celebration of Giving Back. Each of the selected needs and charities that address them are special in its own way. Here’s some background on each and what we hope to accomplish (Noted in parenthesis at the end of each section is “who” in a biblical sense we hope to help.):